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rocknrumble is an anime/manga/video game themed rumble focusing on using ones typography skills and semi-bizarre lyrics to create icons. Each week you will be given a song, and you must incorporate at least 3 consecutive words from its lyrics into your icon. But that alone is boring, so sometimes I will be awarding bonus points for using pre-selected lines that will be more difficult to use in your entries. The catch is that those lyrics must match with the image used in your icon! Other times you will be given lyrics and a sub-theme (ie: "make an icon that is predominately red" or "use only sans-serif fonts") that you must adhere to. There will also be options for bonus points during those weeks, so don't worry! Participants will be ranked based on total points gained/lost and the one with the most points at the end will be crowned the winner!
The first round will run for 5 weeks.
Also I'm a dipshit and accidentally typo'd the comm name as rockin' rumble on the header banner, hence why the comm is now rockin' rumble and not rockn' rumble. I'll fix that when it comes time to make a new layout. Maybe this should have been called typorumble. :U

Sign ups will be open in a while!

  • You must be signed up and watching the community to participate. I don't particularly care if you're a member, but that would be nice too.
  • You will submit one icon per each theme unless otherwise specified.
  • Text will be required on all icons unless otherwise specified.
  • Your icons must fit LJ standards of 40kb or less, 100x100px or smaller and be of .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format. I don't care if you make animated icons, but you must make sure that they will fit on LJ before submitting.
  • Do not post your icons anywhere outside of the community until you are either eliminated or the round is over. I know this seems like a long time to wait, but I think it's much for fun when all of your identities are secret!
  • Fanart is not allowed.
  • This will be a fairly casual rumble and I don't mind if you skip around a bit, but if you do not submit for two weeks in a row I will automatically drop you, just so I don't have to keep coding your name in the rankings post 8D.
  • As some of the lyrics provided will be NSFW due to language/content, I don't expect your icons to have to be 100% clean too.
I will generally post two reminders per week, one on Wednesday and one on Friday.

  • SATURDAY: Submissions close and voting goes up at 11:00 PM PST.
  • SUNDAY: Voting is closed and results and a new theme are posted at 11:00 PM PST.
  • SUNDAY-SATURDAY: You make and submit pretty icons.
If any of these times are to be changed to better fit my schedule, I will let you all know ahead of time. I will never post voting early.


Identity: The name of the character you are signed up as.
Character / Series: The name of the character and series the subject of your icon is from.
Original image: a link to the original image(s) used in your icon.

  • Don't vote for yourself or get others to vote for you, that's not cool. If I find you doing it or notice anything suspicious I will investigate and boot your ass out if need be.
  • Use constructive criticism.
  • You will be voting for multiple icons of lesser quality and for multiple favourite icons. The numbers will change each week depending on the amount of submissions.

I am a broke-ass college student, so you'll be receiving banners.

You can gain two bonus points by pimping the community before the round starts! Just let me know (in the sign-up or first theme's submission post) you did it and shoot me a link and I'll add it to your total points.



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